Why I Love... Random Inspiration

Last weekend, The Husband and I watched the final two episodes of Starz Outlander. Since the series did so well, I know they've green-lighted the adaption of the next book. As a HUGE fan of this series, I am stoked. Also as a HUGE fan of this series, I want to see what the creators keep and what they change.

After we finished the final Outlander episode, I grabbed Dragonfly in Amber from my bookcase. I've just wrapped up my last book from the library and needed a new book. Our viewing inspired me to re-read the next volume in the series.

I love it when random, outside forces propel me to my next read. Since I'm such a mood reader, these inspirations pretty much guarantee that I will enjoy my next book. Rarely am I inspired by such a direct connection, usually it's just a random such or influence from the time of year, but these urges keep me in the mood to read.

It's harder to put a book down when you have that "gotta read it now" itch.