Why I Love... Books that Put Me to Sleep

I love books that put me to sleep. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out on this one. These books are like comfort food. You get a nice hearty serving of something you love, and then you take a nap.

I spent the past few days battling a cold. I've done nothing but laze about at home either on the internet or sleeping. A couple of times I knew I wanted to nap, but I could not turn my brain off. So I turned to my current book, The Butcher and the Vegetarian. It helped me sleep like a baby.

The book was not boring. Oh no - not at all. It was a comforting few pages that distracted my mind and helped me nod off. My brain was able to focus on the text and not my sniffles or the sounds of apartment being renovated across the hall. Soon enough, I was engaged in my author's visit to a steak house. Her descriptive prose transported elsewhere and soon I was in dreamland.

The book was good; the nap was great; and now I'm on the mend. Begone germs!