What I Read This Week: October 18, 2015

This should be an epic-ly long list of book reading I completed during yesterday's read-a-thon. It's not. Instead, I spent most of the week fighting and recovering from a cold. Never, ever - ever! - ever, tell your Husband that you haven't been sick in a year. The germs hear and then they attack. And they attack hard.

  • Magazines
    • National Geographic, October 2015 - I remember reading a bit about the "almost human" fossil find online. It was great to finally read a more in-depth story about the search and uncovering of the fossils (with excellent pictures). I also enjoyed the feature stories on uncovering a lost city in Honduras and journeying down the Congo River. Also, lemme play with the sea wolves!
    • Savory, October 2015 - I love how I know that this is a small magazine I can grab for free at Giant. There were some pretty tasty soup and five ingredient recipes in this issue, but they duplicated a few I already know.
    • Somehow I got signed up for Glamour and W magazines. I subscribe to the PopSugar Must Have Box, and I think they must be a part of the October package. Guess I'll find out when that box arrives this week. Anyway... I received the October 2015 issue of Glamour and the September 2015 issue of W. Neither of this magazines are my cup of tea, but they were fun to flip through simply for the ads. And, to be honest, W is almost entirely ads. Glamour might be of use in the future, but W kind of feels like a waste of paper. We shall see what future issues hold if these weren't just one-offs.
  • Books
    • The one upside to being ill, is I had all the time in the world to sit on the couch and read... too bad I ended up napping. At least I managed to finish The Butcher and The Vegetarian. The book was not quite what I expected it to be, but I still loved reading it. Food memoirs appear to be my weakness.
    • I finished Joyce Carol Oates' Rape: A Love Story. It's a complete 180 from the book above, so my brain is struggling to make the transition, but I enjoyed the book... even if parts of it made me very, very cranky.
  • Other
    • Great. Now I want biscuits.
    • BuzzFeed posted a rather fascinating article on the rise and fall of the paparazzi
    • On a more serious note... From The Atlantic: Do we take women's pain less seriously?