Read-a-thon Lite: Check-In The Third

Well, I just unexpectedly took an hour long nap. Stupid cold meds. At least I wasn't bored by my current book, The Awakening. Turns out the actual story is preceded by a rather dense academic essay. I had no idea that this book was written right before the turn of the twentieth century. The essay put the author and her story in context with the literature and social movements of the day. Said essay also gave away the ending. Boo. Hiss. That's not going to stop me from finishing this book, but I was a bit bummed to learn how things would turn out.

I'm 50 pages into this book, plus the essay counted 43 pages. That makes 93 pages for this check-in. Add in the 134 pages from before, and I'm at 227 pages. Not bad for me given the sleeps. 


Melanie said…
Oh no! I hate it when academic essays give away the ending.

Now that you're all rested from your nap, hope you're enjoying the readathon!
Chris Paton said…
It's hour 11! How are you doing? Sorry you have a cold. Be sure to cosy up with your book and keep burning through those chapters!

Chris - Team Sycamore
Meghan said…
Thank you, Melanie and Chris!