Read-a-thon Lite: Check-In The Second

I have finished my first book! Huzzah! Said book was Joyce Carol Oates' Rape: A Love Story. It was not anything like I expected, but I am very glad that I was able to read it during read-a-thon. This is the kind of book that would have made for very poor, before-bed reading. It was intense and many pages made me righteously cranky. But I have finished it and have many thoughts which will appear in my full review to be posted later.

I have now completed 134 pages for this read-a-thon lite. I still plan on donating 5 cents per page complete (rounding up to a decent figure of course) to First Book.

Aside from the reading, I ate the delicious blueberry waffle breakfast The Husband made this morning.

Now I am going to take a quick e-mail break before starting my second book. Up next: The Awakening by Kate Chopin.


Bluebird said…
Congratulations on finishing your first book! Yay!
Those Blueberry waffles look yummy--how lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful husband.
Enjoy the rest of your read-a-thon!
Meghan said…
Thank you!