Read-a-thon Lite: Check-In The Last

I've read another 100 pages in The Awakening, and have eaten a delicious dinner of pasta and meatballs. Tis time for me to end my read-a-thon so that I can attend a friend's goodbye party. (Why do people have to move out of the country? Harrumph!)

I ended my read-a-thon lite having finished a book and a half, with a total of 327 pages. I wish everyone continuing on a great rest of the read-a-thon!


Bluebird said…
Great job reading 327 pages this readathon--especially with taking cold meds. They always knock me out.
Hope you're feeling better!

Readathon Lite, I like it! At least you got to participate! #TeamSycamore
Chris Paton said…
Well done! Glad you enjoyed it!

Chris - Team Sycamore
Isa said…
Congratulations! Hope you had fun, happy readathon. :)
Meghan said…
Thanks, everyone!