What I Read This Week: September 20, 2015

You'd think that for covering two weeks, this post would be epically full of reading. It is not. I was much too distracted by the pretty scenery on our vacation that I didn't even finish one book.
  • Magazines
    • Good Housekeeping, September 2015 - I mostly skimmed this issue, but I enjoyed how much tasty looking food it included. There was one really nice feature story about a transgender man whose mainly showed love and acceptance through books. It was a great piece. This issue was one of those "flip over for more" magazines. If you're into beauty products, give that bit a read - otherwise - meh.
    • Good Housekeeping, October 2015 - I love fall issues of magazines. The images are lovely, the craft ideas look fun, and the recipes seem delicious. I read the majority of this issue, but still flew through it very quickly. October seems to mean lots of pumpkin pictures. '
    • Food Network, October 2015 - This issue had a heck of a lot of black and orange colored desserts and they all looked utterly delicious. I only flagged one recipe to try for ourselves (Baked Eggs with Curried Spinach), but this issue had some particularly tasty looking recipes. I'm a huge fan of soups and stews in the fall, so I loved seeing the feature piece on Giada's favorites. I also loved the final article on the best candy and confectioners shops in each state. I think I have to make some road trip plans now.
  • Books
    • I am so very nearly close to finishing The Plains of Passage. I'm talking mere pages away from the end. It's the fourth book in the Earth's Children series, and I am enjoying it immensely even if it does come across as a bit more repetitive than the previous books in this series.
I tried to read, but I was distracted by that view.