What I Read This Week: March 15, 2015

Spring! It's finally becoming spring! I can tell cause it's awesome weather followed by gray days of rain. The rain is not the best, but I will totally take the warm weather. I love taking walks at lunch, and now I can go back outside instead of doing laps in the stacks.
  • Work
    • American Libraries, March/April 2015 - This was a thicker issue than normal, and I think it was full of good stuff. Libraries are trying to figure out "what's next," and the feature piece on trends and future-casting was very well done. The feminist in my also loved the highlight articles on women managers.
  • Books
    • I finished The Martian. It was such an enjoyable and high-intensity read after The Dante Club that I just plowed through it. It's the first book in a while that has caused me to stay up past my bedtime. 
    • I picked up a second book this week. This time it's Mira Grant's Symbiont. The first book in this series was predictable but a good read. I think this shall be the same. Anything is better than The Dante Club at this point.