What I Read This Week: December 1, 2013

Is there anything better than reading while on vacation? Probably. But right now this is all I need. Is it wrong that I am already looking forward to Christmas break?
  • Magazines
    • Cooking Light, December 2013 - I pulled only a few recipes - but several looked delicious. The best article of the issue was about slow cooker cooking. I love slow cooker season; it's so warm and cozy. Bring on the stews!
    • Real Simple, December 2013 - This was not the best December issue they've done. I did appreciate the organizing tips and gift ideas. I also liked the holiday recipes but I did not pull any of them for my own use.
  • Books
    • I started reading InStyle Weddings. Like the other wedding books, it's a mix of good information and ignorable information... but at least all the pictures are pretty to look at.
    • I've focused most of my reading attention on The Bronze Horseman. It's a door-stopper of a book set in Russia during World War II. It's a delightful vacation read - as along as I keep all the names straight.