Seen on the Metro: Not Really

Okay, so I didn't seen this reader on the metro, but it was too good to pass up.

The ladies and I were eating lunch before heading to the theater to see Austenland (note to self: find book). As we dined, I noticed a woman waiting in line for her salad. She had a book in her hands that, from afar, was hard to decipher. I told the ladies, "I think she's reading Gone with the Wind... or that's a translation dictionary. It could go either way."

Happily for me, our reader sat at the end of our table (Sweet Green has long, communal tables). I got to spy on her and see that she was indeed reading Gone with the Wind. She looked to be about half-way through the story. It took everything I had not to interrupt her lunch and strike up a conversation about our dear Scarlett.

I'm always pleased when I see strangers reading books that I myself have enjoyed. I want to give them hugs.