Book 20: Twlight in Babylon

TITLE: Twilight in Babylon
AUTHOR: Suzanne Frank
STARTED: August 8, 2013
FINISHED: August 22, 2013
PAGES: 480
GENRE: Fiction


SUMMARY: [From BN] Separated from the man she loves, Chloe Kingsley finds herself alone in Mesopotamia, haunted by memories and driven to survive. Here, in a land where upheavals in the heavens and a flood on earth portend catastrophe for mankind, the rulers demand an appeasement - a beautiful young woman to placate the gods.

THOUGHTS: This was, by far, the weakest book in this series. The books jumps all over the place; the characters and plotting are not exactly consistent or easy to follow. The only reason I kept reading was because I wanted to learn the ultimate end to Chloe and Cheftu's story. I was disappoint. This book was dull, confused, and just not good. I didn't loath it because I was intrigued by its setting in the ancient era. More of that please.

RATING: 5/10 [meh]