What I Read This Week: June 9, 2013

Jet lag is mean. I have no idea why, but it always takes me longer to adjust back to my normal time. The Fiance and I slept until almost 1pm on Saturday. Oops. At least the local deli/diner restaurant I needed to use a Groupon at serves breakfast until 2pm. Omelets... yum!

Anywho, the vacation to California means this list is short, but it does include a book.

  • I finally finished reading the May 2013 issue of The Atlantic on the plan ride back. I found the article on oil interesting but I've also told several people about the end of life care story. It is very good and thought provoking. I also liked this issue's fiction piece about a young movie critic.
  • While commuting this week, I read the June 2013 issue of American Libraries. It was the pre-conference issue so I skipped the bulk of it, but I did like the stories on autism and iPad apps as well as the void of libraries in charter schools.
  • I managed to finish Nefertiti by Michelle Moran on the plan ride back. It was the ideal plane read for me. I hate flying. This book was awesome enough to keep my distracted but not so complex that I got lost.
  • I started (as in I'm 3 chapters into) a new romance novel. I was in the mood for something deliciously trashy. I found just that in Love and War by Patricia Hagan.