What I Read This Week: June 30, 2013

Can it just stop raining already? I think DC has been a magnet for clouds, rain, and storm alerts lately. It's summer - I want to be able to use my apartment complex's pool! Instead, Mother Nature keeps making me pout. Doesn't she know I have trashy summer books that need to be finished... poolside... with drinks with little umbrellas? Harumph.

At least the rain gave me a reason to get through some other worded things...
  • For Work:
  • In Magazines:
    • Martha Stewart Living, July/August 2013 - I like the bits on clams and ice cream.
    • Real Simple, July 2013 - The article about how your house might make you fat was very intriguing. I also learned a new word: obessogenic. The stories about summer entertaining and summer romances were also pretty good. 
    • National Geographic, July 2013 - The cover on this issue was awesome! (The iPad animation version is even better.) I love all things space and astronomy, so I found the article on our chaotic solar system to be spectacular. I also "enjoyed" the piece on songbird hunting. I use the scare quotes cause it was a rather sad piece. 
  • In Books :
    • I finished Carley Rooney's The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner. There was a lot of information that will be good to know when we finally hit those stages of wedding planning.
    • I started a new book - Liz Carlyle's A Woman of Virtue. So far it's meh bordering on confusing.