Hour 3: Wherein Our Reader Pops in Breakfast

CURRENTLY READING: I have started Julie and Julia... cause I finished my first palate cleanser book about muffins and stuff.

THOUGHTS?: I may be behind the curve in reading this, but I did enjoy the movie. So far, I am also enamored with book.

SNACKS AND STUFF: Just coffee, but I did pop the breakfast entree into the oven. My apartment smells tasty!

COMPANION UPDATE: The Boyfriend is still in bed, but I'm going to sneak in and see if I can wake him with the promise of coffee and food.

ANYTHING ELSE?: The chocolate Easter bunny I have yet to eat is guarding my completed pile of books.

PAGES READ THIS HOUR: 94 (Recipes for the win!)

The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd
Muffins and Other Morning Bakes by Linda Collister