What I Read This Week: March 24, 2013

March is my least favorite month. The weather can't decide what it wants to be, the sun is rarely out, and I just want to hide under a blanket until it passes. I think my hatred of March stems from growing up in Upstate New York - there was nothing but mud during March. Mud everywhere. DC is a bit better, but I still wish April was here.

Lucky for me, this gloomy weather gives me a chance to get some reading done.

  • For work, I plowed through a ton of articles I've saved. Right now, I'm looking at a stack of completed pieces to import into my read list. (Said list keeps me from repeating articles and reminds me to the good stuff to refer to if I need it.) I did most of this reading while commuting and the majority of the articles were about general library trends and social media stuff. Yes, I am so nerdy I read work stuff while out of the office.
  • I only completed one magazine this week - the April 2013 issue of Food Network Magazine. I pulled lots of recipes and love the article about the best tools for the kitchen. 
  • Finally, I read about two chapters in Bella Tuscany. It's a good book, I just keep distracting myself with other things. In some ways, that is a good thing. It means I don't get hungry while reading about all the tasty Italian food.