What I Read This Week: March 17, 2013

I loathe "spring ahead." Loathe it! That said, the jet lag wasn't so bad this time around. I was, however, up far too late playing SimCity on my iPad. Who knew that building tiny towns could be so darn addicting.

And, before I forget... Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm making shepherd's pie for dinner tonight. Noms.
  • Magazines...
    • Cooking Light, April 2013 - I pulled several of the fast recipes that were featured in this issue. I find that The Boyfriend and I have been in a food rut lately so I want to try new things. I was surprised that this issue was almost all recipes; there weren't any long articles. I was okay with that.
    • Martha Stewart Living, April 2013 - I pulled an art idea from this issue. This was mainly Easter and gardening stuff. I'm giving this one more issue before I cancel my subscription. I've been eyeing a few magazines to get (cause I have a problem?) and I think I might nix this one to make myself feel better.
  • For work...
    • I perused the ABC-Clio spring 2013 catalog. I didn't pull any items - but man did I want to go gobble up all the readers' advisory books. I have a thing for books which list other books. I am that nerdy.
    • I finished Strategic Planning for Social Media. Woot! I love finishing books. I also went back through the text and wrote up an outline of the book because I'll be referencing it at work.