What I Read This Week: March 10, 2013

Where did this week go? One minute it's Monday and the next, BOOM! Week over! I hardly know what I did with myself this week it flew by so fast.

At least I got a snow day... even if there was no snow.
  • I finished the March 2013 issue of The Atlantic. I was okay. The only article was really drawn to was about anthropologists who work for commercial organizations. The piece about the hanging was also intriguing, but mostly in a disturbing manner.
  • At work, I flipped through the March/April 2013 issue of American Libraries. I enjoyed the tips in the piece about how to acquire a special collection archive. I also thought the it about filtering in the First Amendment was pretty interesting.
  • Lady C. is getting married in a about a year. To celebrate, I had the girls over for brunch and the perusal of wedding related magazines. I flipped through so many they all blended together - just know that there were many and the pictures were pretty. Don't tell The Boyfriend I may have given myself ideas...
  • I knocked out a few pages in Bella Tuscany and Strategic Planning for Social Media but not in amounts that are worth squeeing over. The squees were reserved for the bridal mags.