What I Read This Week: February 3, 2013

Tonight, I will be hosting our annual Superbowl viewing party. Every year, I make copious amounts (we're talking vats!) of chili and cornbread. I plan on rooting for the Ravens since they're the closest team to home. I hope they win. Between ND losing and the Caps stinking it up on the ice, I need a time I like to win a game.

To keep  you occupied until the game (or the commercials), here is my weekly reading list:
  • I completed a few magazines, but I still have a backlog to get through. I think they breed behind my back.
    • National Geographic, February 2013 - I read this whilst doing a bicycle workout. It was an okay issue, but I did enjoy the article on Libya's ancient history. The article on venom was also pretty fascinating.
    • Real Simple, February 2013 - The cover image led me to believe that this was going to be a massive issue about workouts. False! That was nothing but a 5 page article. This was a throw away issue for me. Yes, there were some good parts, but I didn't pull or flag a single page.
  • Work wise, I went through the ALA Neal-Schuman catalog. I marked so many books that I decided to create a new Pinterest board for professional reading. If you're interested, follow this here link to the page.
  • I finished Sense and Sensibility. It's amazing how a 7 year gap between reads can change how you perceive a novel. I'll be back with my review later.