What I Read This Week: January 20, 2012

Three day weekend. What what!

I had another stellar reading week - at least according to my standards as of late. While magazines still seem to be flooding my mailbox (where do they all come from? I certainly don't seem to pay for all of them.), I managed to put more of a dent in my backlog. I love seeing the pile get smaller every day.
  • Magazine wise!
    • Cooking Light, January/February 2013 - This was another good issue. I particularly enjoyed the features on starting your year of light and organizing the kitchen. I only pulled a few recipes, but a lot of stuff looked quite tasty.
    • Real Simple, January 2013 - In this issue, I particularly enjoyed the articles on the 10 Lessons Your Mother Never Taught You and the Things Cooks Know.
    • The Atlantic, December 2012 - I read most of this issue while commuting, but I was able to sit down and read the feature articles while eating dinner. This was a very informative issue, and I read it cover to cover. I found the articles on insourcing to be intriguing, the article arguing for more guns to be well written (even if I disagree), and, of course, I adored the piece on the author owned bookstore in Nashville.
  • Book wise!
    • I'm still working on Sense and Sensibility. I managed to fit in about 50 pages this week. I hope I'll be able to cram in at least 100 in the coming week.  
  • Other wise!