What I Read This Week: January 13, 2013

I am calling this the week of conquered reading! I read through a metric ton of magazines. At least my cold that won't die is good for something. I am seriously pleased with my reading this week.
  • On the fun magazine front....
    • Real Simple, November 2012 - This was a decent issue. No articles jumped out at me but, as always, I enjoyed the pretty pictures.
    • Real Simple, December 2012 - This was a good issue; I actually stole a couple of gift ideas to add to my list for next year.
    • Cooking Light, November 2012 - Holy Moley was this a good issue. I loved the articles on 9 Simple Principles of the New way to Cook Light, Celebrating 25 Years of Cooking Light, Hot Stuff for Real Cooks, and The Golden Age of America Food. I also pulled two recipes to try later; they both have mushrooms in them. Yum!
    • Cooking Light, December 2012 - I pulled a couple recipes from this issue, but I loved the Share the Love ideas (particularly the idea to through an appetizer sharing party).
  • On the work magazine front...
    • American Libraries, January/February 2013 - This was an okay issue. I enjoyed reading the story on the HathiTrust, but that might be because I'm a copyright nerd.
    • Library Resources and Technical Services, October 2012 - This was a big skim issue for me. No articles really struck my fancy.
    • Library Resources and Technical Services, January 2013 - I mostly skimmed this issue, but I did find the article on "Conservation Documentation in Research Libraries" to be intriguing.
  • On the book front...
    • I finished reading Clan of the Cave Bear. I liked this novel enough to request the sequel from Paperbackswap. Hopefully that book won't sit around for years once it arrives.
    • I started a new book: Sense and Sensibility. This is a re-read for me, but the girls and I have decided to start up a Jane Austen book club. We're going to be very casual about it all; it'll mainly serve as an excuse to get together and watch movie adaptations of the books. Clearly this is a fantabulous idea.