Book 9: The Reckless One

TITLE: The Reckless One
AUTHOR: Connie Brockway
STARTED: March 26, 2012
FINISHED: April 4, 2012
PAGES: 363
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: A fine drizzle seeped from the low, gunmetal-colored sky above the prison yard.

SUMMARY: [From Barnes and Noble] Raine Merrick's wild, reckless spirit had earned him time in a French prison. When a mysterious beauty gains his freedom only to betray him, Raine Merrick sets out for his father's castle on McClairen's Isle, seeking the treasure hidden within. But strange surprises await him in the Highlands. He never expected to find his deceitful angel masquerading as an honored guest. Or to want her with all the searing passion in his sinner's soul.

THOUGHTS: I read the first 100 or so pages of this book in one night. It just "hit me" at the right time and enjoyed the characters and plot immensely. There was spark and complexity. After having read a string of disappointing romance novels, this one pleased me.

About halfway through the book, I realized that I was not enjoying myself as much. The book took an unbelievable turn that I found to be most disappointing. I know that most plots in romance novels are rushed, but this one felt way to quick. The characters went from "I hate you" to "Let's go to bed together" in all of a chapter. I didn't buy it. The rush also caused the chemistry between the characters to fall apart. Sad face.

Overall, not a horrible romance novel, but one that could have been far better if the second half was as good as the first. 

RATING: 6/10 [Good]