Hour 8: Wherein our Reader Gets Her Game On

CURRENTLY READING: About to start Death of a Snob by M.C. Beaton

THOUGHTS?: The Exile was very pretty to look at - but I wish I had reread Outlander beforehand. I gots lost in the plot a few times.

SNACKS AND STUFF: Pita chips and hummus were consumed by all.

COMPANION UPDATE: The Roomie flipped which side of the couch she was on and I believe she is nearing the end of her book. The Boyfriend procured the chips and hummus. He's still reading about zombies. Actually, he's reading from the zombies' point of view.

ANYTHING ELSE?: The ND game (GO IRISH!) started at 3:30pm. My next three hours or so of reading will be quite distracted.
Game day shirt. I am that fan.
PAGES READ THIS HOUR: 154 (graphics novels pad the numbers)

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
The Exile by Diana Gabaldon 


caitieflum said…
Wow - you are having a GREAT readathon. It sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun! Keep it up!