Love me?

I've placed a new poll over in the sidebar. The winner of the last poll was "Fiction." I selected Emma Donoghue's "Slammerkin" as the title. And, actually, I am so into the book that I am almost done with it.

Therefore, go vote in the new poll (which romance should I read?) so that I have something to grab right after I finish "Slammerkin."


Greg said…
While it's not a romance, perhaps Protect and Defend? Who knows what the crazy Mitch Rapp will get in to. Plus I'm going to want to read it soon :-p
Jennie said…
Spymaster! Spymaster! Even though I haven't read any of the others, I'm still voting Spymaster. I thought it definitely lived up to all the hype it's been getting. :)
Meghan said…
Greg - I'll get to Mitch first (I gotta let the poll run after all). Besides, I always need to be ahead of you in this series.

Jennie - I've heard fabulous things about Spymaster. I'm not so secretly hoping it wins.