So... far... away

I'm beginning to realize that the chances of me reading 100 books this year are slim to none... mainly with the none. You'd think that, by only having to deal with one course and having an abundance of free time, I'd easily reach my goal.

Ha! Fat chance of that happening now. It's July and I'm only reading books 38-40 at the moment. This time last year I was on Book 56. Something tells me that unless I read only romance novels for the rest of the year (not even I can do that), I'll maybe, just maybe, get 80 books in.

Methinks the fact that I am reading more non-fiction (*mumbles*andjoinedNetflix*coughs*) may be playing a role in my dearth of quantity this year.

While I'm still going to attempt to read 100 books, I think I am going to limit myself by aiming first for my smaller goals of 25 non-fiction titles and 10 classics. Then again, having read only 2 (!) classics this year, I may be in for a tough ride.

Now if only I could find a way to read until 4:00am and not be a zombie at work.