Reading Harry Potter

Come Saturday, I will be instituting Meghan's Reading Rituals. When a book comes out (or I find myself enthralled with one unexpectedly) I tend to follow a set routine. This holds particularly true for any of the Harry Potter books.

Thus, you will find me ensconced in my room, curled up into the pillows on my bed, throw blanket tossed across my knees, with my nose between the covers of the latest release. To set the mood, I will be listening to the soundtracks of all the Harry Potter movies, one right after the other. On my nightstand, within easy reach, will be my current beverage of choice (coffee in the morning, water or tea in the afternoon, and a class of red wine in the evening). Also on my nightstand, at least for this book, will be a box of tissues... just in case.

Do any of you have reading rituals?