The dark lord approaches

It's finally happened - I am reading more than one book for pleasure at a time. I'm usually of the mind that I can only read one book for me at any given time. It I try to double up, I'd be sure to read the best of the two (or more) book while the other(s) languish in the no man's land that is my nightstand. I really institute this rule of one "me book" at a time because I know that I would never finish any non-fiction I pick-up, no matter how interesting it may be.

For the time being, I'm breaking my own rule. It's 4 (or 5) days, depending on how you count, until the release of the new Harry Potter. I thought I would finish my one book (Virgin: The Untouched History) in time to leave myself a week to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My timing was off and I still have half the Virgin book to read. So, I'm making the Virgin book my workout book and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince my before bed reading book. Throw those on top of the books I have to read for my class, and I've got a whole lot of words to keep straight.

It's all in good fun.

And for those of you who were looking for my take on the fifth's movie score, here it is:

There are two themes throughout the film. They are there, I was wrong in that regard. These themes are just not as prevalent and easy to identify as those found in the scores of the first four movies. Also, the reason the music seems so different is for two reasons: the score is meant to be darker to coincide with the change of the mood in the film itself and the music was score and directed by a new composer. I should have known that John Williams was no where to be found in this one.