Book 37: The Romance Reader's Advisory

TITLE: Romance Reader's Advisory: The Librarian's Guide to Love in the Stacks
AUTHOR: Ann Bouricius
STARTED: July 7, 2007
FINISHED: July 7, 2007
PAGES: 107
GENRE: Books about Books

FIRST SENTENCE: In which I tell the story of my own path of enlightenment from paper-trained snob to closet convert to blazing zealot and romance author.

SUMMARY: [From] Librarian and romance author Bouricius provides up-to-date information about the highly popular romance genre and its diverse subgenres; addresses key issues regarding the establishment of a romance collection; and, in a series of reading lists, recommends outstanding romances of all flavors for avid fans and new converts.

REASON FOR READING: Again, for my term paper... and, killing two birds with one stone, it was also in my TBR pile.

THOUGHTS: Wohoo! A book that I could have written. Even though this book was for my paper, I really identified with the author. She was a librarian who thumbed her nose at romance novels but saw the light. Now she is a proud reader and encourages others to look past the prejudice. In this book, Bouricius takes a playful but intelligent tone as she breaks down the bits and pieces of romance novels. Most of the book follows the "Here's what most people say, here's why their wrong, here's the reality" approach. She gives a fantastic introduction and great advice to those who have never ventured into the romance genre before.

Romance Reader's Advisory is a quick read and one that is both entertaining and informative.

MISCELLANEOUS: Not gonna lie, I originally thought this was about catching people doing it in the stacks.

RATING: 6/10 [Good]