Tasty Reads

One of my favorite blogs, Smart Bitches, recently had an entry asking, "What kind of food would a romance author be...if a romance author could be food?"

The entry itself is hilarious, particularly if you know anything about the authors, but it also got me thinking. What sorta food would I, as a reader, be?

I like a lot of genres which rules out anything with a single intense flavor. That nixes chocolate, most alcohols, fruits, and candies.

My reading choices are totally random and go with my mood. That puts chocolate back on the plate (mmm.... chocolate plate), but rules out any "normal" foods.

While I may read lots of genres, I tend to stick to old, tried and true favorites like romance, political thrillers, and historical fiction. That makes me lean toward the idea of comfort foods such as mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, and my mom's meatloaf.

I'm easily swayed by book reviews, covers, and books that my friends hand me. I'll give anything a try, so that throws the exotic foods into play. I tried Pakistani food back in middle school and loved it.

No matter how horrible the book, once I start reading it, I have to finish it. Yick, lima beans.

So I took all of these factors into consideration, mashed them up a bit and came up with Pineapple and Pepperoni pizza. It's full of multiple flavors, it's not your normal combination of pizza toppings and most people find the mix disgusting, it's a random "exotic" pie that I gave a try simply because Domino's screwed up, and it has turned into the one pizza I always want to eat.

I think it also helps that I call it Austen Pizza. (Pineapple and Pepperoni = P&P = Pride and Prejudice = Austen Pizza)


Now my lunch of a peanut butter sammich and a peach feels like a let down.

What delectable dish is your reader soul?