I'll shush you... actually I won't

Since I was out of town for my brother's high school graduation, I was only able to attend the last day of the ALA Conference Exhibits. While I would have loved to have attended a number of the programs and events for this year's conference, visiting the exhibit hall was a nice introduction to my first ALA conference.

While I was wandering about (because I clearly did not make plans since I was all by my onsies), I discovered a few things:
  • Librarians are part pack mule - the things I saw people lugging around without breaking a sweat or with one ounce of complaint was amazing
  • You could easily tell the librarians from the vendors. The vendors wore business/business casual outfits, while the librarians mixed business casual with casual.
  • Librarians will attack with vicious snarls and words if you dare cut in their line for free books. I think they may bite too.
  • It doesn't matter what it is, if it's free, the librarians will take it.
  • Librarians are keeping the shapeless, floor length, jumper dress in fashion (a move with which I completely disagree)
  • If you're under the age of 26, you're in the minority.
  • Speed walking is the only walking.
  • Librarians don't shush each other. In fact, they can be rather loud.
One thing I have a question about.... why would a vendor try to bribe a librarian to their booth with the lure of winning the last Harry Potter? We're librarians. We've reserved our copies months ago.