I think I can finally do it

I might finally get to write an academic paper on Romance Novels. I’ve been threatening to do so since my freshman year of college; now, I might have a legitimate way to actually do so. It’s only taken until my second semester of graduate school…

My "History of the Book" class requires that I write a final paper of 10 to 12 pages. Joyfully (and horribly at the same time) the topic is completely up to us. The professor said, "Write on anything you want related to the history of the book." Well, I will surely take that statement and run with it.

The title I have cooked up in my head is "One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure: The Myth and Reality of Romance Novels and their Readers." I’m thinking of structuring my paper like so:
  1. The History of Romance Novel Publishing
  2. The Current Era of Romance Novel Publishing
  3. The Myth of the Romance Reader
  4. The Reality of the Romance Reader
  5. What it All Means

Clearly, I need to make all of that more definitive, but I actually think I can get away with it this time.

I win!


Anonymous said…
For the "current era of romance publishing,"
check out
We came up with this 15 years ago - you star in your own romance novel
Kathrin said…
Oh this is great! Is there a chance I might get to read the paper?
I'd be curious because I find romance novels can be good literature as well.
Wish you the best for the paper!
Meghan said…
I can definitely post the paper. I'll try to remember to let you know as soon as I finish it.
Jennifer said…
Perhaps you should change the first half of the title "One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Treasure"? I think that makes more sense, even if it's not the 'proper' cliche.
Meghan said…
Fair and valid point, Jennifer. I will have to think it over. Then again, since I am trying to dispel the myths of who reads romance novels, I will have to debate the title depending on how the content of my paper turns out.