Book 33: The Book: The Life Story of a Technology

TITLE: The Book: The Life Story of a Technology
AUTHOR: Nicole Howard
STARTED: May 20, 2007
FINISHED: June 27, 2007
PAGES: 171
GENRE: Books about Books

FIRST SENTENCE: In today's world, technology plays an integral role in the daily life of people of all ages.

SUMMARY: [From] One of life's most frequently encountered technologies is perhaps the one most often taken for granted: the printed book. Daily contact with books makes these everyday objects so familiar that one is apt to forget that the invention of the book has more profoundly altered civilization than almost any other invention. This volume provides a broad overview of the printed book's development across many centuries, cultures, and in a variety of fields. It highlights the forerunners and offshoots of books that have come from and been dispersed to all corners of the globe. The creation of a single book requires diverse skills and techniques that have taken centuries to develop. This addition to the Greenwood Technographies series will give readers of all ages a greater appreciation for this familiar phenomenon that is part of everyone's life.

REASON FOR READING: Assigned in my "History of the Book" class.

THOUGHTS: A textbook about the history of the book. Nuff Said.

MISCELLANEOUS: Worst opening sentence EVER!

RATING: 5/10 [Meh.]