Technical Serives, how may I help you?

I'm the youngest employee in my department. Due to the rather large generational gap between myself and my coworkers, I've become the pseudo-IT hero. Whenever anything went wrong in the past, the ladies I work with usually called our two tech guys first, now the check with me.

I have no problem helping my coworkers, but I'm beginning to feel like the Medieval Help Desk guy in the video.

I tend to get the same sort of feeling in my class, which happens to be on technology in the library. Technically we're supposed to be learning how libraries incorporate computer technology (i.e. databases, cataloging programs, etc.) but the professor, Opie (formerly: Errol), has decided to not teach that. I've been sitting through weeks and weeks of HTML and user interface class. I learned all of that in high school and am completely bored out of my mind.

I understand the importance of learning these codings skills, but this is one time where I really find that I hate knowing the material before I go into class. I would have been much happier taking this course if it was taught by a professor who actually followed the course description laid out by the department.

Thank goodness I have my summer course, "The History of the Book," to look forward to. At this point, I don't care if the professor has the reputation of being Drunky McSlursalot, I just want to feel like I'm actually learning something.

Maybe my younger brother, who could language the space shuttle from his desktop, could teach me a thing or two.