Natural Light

All the weather reports I check are predicting that this weekend will be utterly gorgeous. Not one to waste a good day (or at least try not to waste a good day), I'm making a special trip to the library. I have absolutely no reason to go, but I did finish two of four the books I picked up last weekend. Even though they're are not due until May, I'm returning them tomorrow simply so I can walk around outside.

Then, when I get home, I'm making myself a drink of some sort (probably tea), pulling out the butterfly chair, sitting on the patio, and finishing Harry Potter and reading the Saturday paper. Normally, I spend Saturday, inside, vegging. Not tomorrow. I've vowed that with the remarkable weather I will soak it up and read.

Then again, every time I try something like this, I fail to actually do any reading. I usually end up setting up my environment and reading only a page or two. Then I dissolve into people watching and day dreaming.

Back home, on nice days, I claim the wicker sofa on the porch and actually do read... followed by a nap.

Ah, paradise.