Book 12: Warrior or Wife

TITLE: Warrior or Wife
AUTHOR: Lyn Randal
STARTED: March 16, 2007
FINISHED: March 20, 2007
PAGES: 297
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: For the first time in his life, Donatus was glad his father was dead.

SUMMARY: [from] In the heat and dust of the Roman arena, a woman stands alone. The crowd cheers for Leda, the famed gladiatrix. Watching is the man who loved then left her - Marcus Flavius Donatus.

Leda used to be Lelia, beloved daughter of a Roman senator. Exiled from the riches of her birth, she sold herself into gladiatorial slavery. Donatus is determined to right the wrong he did her and reclaim his bride!

Now Leda faces the ultimate choice - independence and the danger of the arena, or an uncertain future with the man she once adored.

REASON FOR READING: I saw it on someone else's blog and was intrigued by the ancientness.

THOUGHTS: Eh. For a Harlequin, it was pretty good, but I wasn't thrilled. I thought there were way to many plot lines for a 297 page book. First, there was the big misunderstanding of why Donatus left. Then there was the OMG my stolen baby plotline. Then there was the big misunderstanding over whose the baby daddy... blah blah blah. Way to over the top. It was like the author had to throw in every cliched romance novel plot line known to man.

But, I have a hard time panning this book because it was well written and set in a time period I love.

MISCELLANEOUS: My reviews seem very short as of late. Either I'm getting lazy, or the books are just that dull.

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RATING: 5/10 [I didn't particularly like it or dislike it; mixed review]


Reader Scott said…
It sounds a little interesting, but I don't read romance novels really. Plus, you only gave it 5/10.

Have I told you about the Book & Reading Forums.
Jennie said…
Hi there. I just bought this (though with not very high expectations.) I love anything set in ancient Rome, and so few romances are set there that I feel like I need to at least give them all a shot. So I'm glad to see you didn't hate it. :)
Meghan said…
Reader Scott: I have not seen that website before. Thanks for sending it my way.

Jennie: I have, basically, an addiction to all stories set in the ancient period (Rome, Egypt, Greece, whathaveyou). The time period is fantastic, just the plot is lacking.