I do so love the fact that the new Harry Potter book is coming out this summer. I love it even more that it's coming out a week after the movie. I love it the most because it comes out the midnight following my birthday.

Victory on all fronts!

Since my birthday is on a Friday this year, and the book will be released into my eager hands that midnight, I have already started to make plans. Yes, I am that hyper-organized and over eager. I plan on:
  • Taking off work that day (it's conveniently a half-day anyway)
  • Sleeping in (to prep for the big night)
  • Finishing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (for I have to re-read all of them now)
  • Putting on a party hat (or tiara - something shiny)
  • Meeting friends at our friendly neighborhood Borders that will most likely be hosting another midnight party and grabbing our line tickets
  • Having a meal of some sort
  • Seeing a movie (most like "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix")
  • Then camping out until midnight (either at Borders or the pub across the street)
  • RECEIVING BOOK (and checking over it's condition before buying it - one never loses the used bookstore mentality)
  • Walking back to my apartment as fast as humanly possible
  • Putting on a Harry Potter movie soundtrack
  • Reading in bed until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m.
  • Arising around 10:00 a.m.
  • Spend Saturday finishing the book
  • Crying
  • Rereading the book from cover to cover on Sunday
  • Crying
  • Monday, it's back to work where I will converse with my friends and coworkers (hopefully not spilling spoilers to those who have not yet finished it)
J.K. Rowling - thank you for making my 23rd Birthday utterly glorious. And thank you for getting kids (including my little brother) to read.

I think this (in both the general and particular sense) is awesome.