That looks interesting

I've decided I'm very susceptible to the power of random suggestions and interests. Case in point:

At the end of last week I was listening to the Evita soundtrack (the one with Madonna) on my MP3 player. "Ooo," I said to myself. "I want to read a biography of Eva Peron." So I went up to the stacks and found one.

Later that afternoon I was reading all about Daniel Radcliffe's racy promotion pictures for the play "Equus." Seeing as how this kid started out playing Harry Potter, I was intrigued by what would make him choose such a vastly different role. I did a quick search online and, lo and behold, my library had a copy of the play. Back to the stacks I went.

It's a good thing I work in a library and not a bookstore, otherwise my random need to know things would cost me more than just a pretty penny.


Jennifer said…
You know it's kinda funny that you said that. It reminds me of how when I was reading a book to help me figure out what type of career I would want.... the book discussed how some people are divers and want to choose one thing and learn a lot about it, whereas other people are skimmers and want to know a little bit about a lot of things. Two careers that lend themselves to skimmers were librarian and journalist.
I love that I have this kind of access to so much knowledge! *grin*
Meghan said…
Good point. I am a total skimmer... with some in depth interests, but mainly with the skimming.

So, what are you?