Does it clean the floors too?

A co-worker of mine passed this story about robot shelved library stacks around the staff e-mail list today. The key line with this story is: "Robots making out in the stacks: 0."

When I worked in the Stacks until 11:30pm my sophomore year, I came across people making out all the time. More than that, I came across people actually having sex in the stacks. The first time it happened, I freaked out and ran away. After the second and third time, I had no trouble disturbing the paramours I came across. It was actually fun to see them jump when they were caught.

But a note to all those would be booklovers. Find a dimly lit, rarely used area for your escapades. Anyone can catch you if you're bumping and grinding against the central window in broad daylight.

Also, pick-up after yourselves.


Kristie (J) said…
In a library? Really?? I think I would have run all 3 times *g*
Meghan said…
Well... I'm up to seven times now.

I work at a university library, which makes a little bit more sense than a public library. Apparently making out (and having sex) in the stacks is on a lot of people's "To Do in College" list.

I find the make-outs kinda cute, but the sex makes me wary of touching the books in those areas.
Jennifer said…
Cleaning up after themselves would be nice ..... it really disturbs me to find used condoms in my stacks!!!
patricia said…
Yeah, my mom, who's a librarian, has a few of those kind of 'love in the stacks'stories tucked under her belt.

Sigh...I have a confession to make...when I used to work for a library, I worked in the Technical Services Dept, and it was housed in this old building which was actually the original old branch in that part of the city of Toronto. I met my now husband working there, and um...sometimes we got a little passionate down in the basement amongst the Talking Books. Just some heated kissing, mind you! Thankfully those books never talked!