Why do I do this to myself?

Well I was stupid. Last night, I decided (again) that starting a romance novel at midnight was a great idea. Like always, I told myself I would read for an hour and then go to bed. I need to learn to stop kidding myself.

I read until 3a.m.

Normally, such an action once a week or so would not harm me. Not so this week. Being quite the political nerd, I will be up until God knows when watching the returns tonight. I want to see if any of my predictions hold true.


Marg said…
I do this quite regularly and then wander around like a zombie for the next couple of days!
Meghan said…
The coffee normally keeps me going until at least 2pm. Right now I'm starting to drag my feet. Perhaps I shall brew another pot so I can make it through the night. I just have to know who wins the Montana Senate race - mainly beacuse I have a friend working on the Tester campaign.