Seen on the Metro #2

In my lack of sleep induced haze, I saw a woman reading a book titled How to Start Your Day Off Right. Immediately, I checked her other hand for a cup a of coffee. She did not have one.

Perhaps I am one of the few who consider the liquid ambrosia of a steaming cup a coffee an essential ingredient to starting a day off on the right foot. Then again, on many days, if I did not have my coffee, the people around me would not have their day start off right either.


Devonna said…
Meghan ~ The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is head to the coffeepot. I have a timer on mine so a freshly brewed pot is just waiting for me when I get up. So, no you're not the only one.
Meghan said…
Me too! Mornings would be practically unbearable if the coffee was waiting for me.