Late Night Reading

I read a whole book last night. At 10:30pm, I climbed into bed with the plan to read until 11:30pm. I should know by now that, on the days I plan to go to bed early, my intentions are always thwarted by a good book. Such was the case last night when, 50 pages from the end of the book, I looked at the clock.



At that point I decided that if I was in for a penny I was in for a pound. So I read until I finished the book - which happened to be at 3:32a.m. Not the best of times to fall asleep when one has to be at work at 9:00a.m.

Thinking back on it, the book was not nearly the best I've read; the writing was fine, but nothing spectacular; and the plot, while interesting was nothing particularly groundbreaking. I can't tell you why I felt the urge to finish the book - I just knew that I had to. It's been ages since I read a book in one sitting. In fact, the last time I remember doing so was during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college.

What I find particularly interesting is the that the book talks about a dessert that makes the mind more susceptible to magically manipulation. Maybe the author laced the pages of the book with said substance.

At this point all I can say is thank god the sequel to the book is already in print.