Book 73: When We Meet Again

TITLE: When We Meet Again
AUTHOR: Victoria Alexander
STARTED: September 23, 2006
FINISHED: September 25, 2006
PAGES: 371
GENRE: Romance

FIRST SENTENCE: He was, no doubt, the greatest mistake in her twenty-two years.

SUMMARY: [From] Pamela is a mystery Alexei is determined to solve ...

Prince Alexei of Avalonia is a master at the art of seduction, but when a mysterious young woman he meets at a masked ball spends the night in his bed, he finds he is touched in ways he cannot forget. Still, he wonders if she was real or a dream spun of moonlight.

Alexei might well be a temptation Pamela cannot resist ...

And Miss Pamela Effington is no dream. Certainly, succumbing to the prince's seduction was madness. Now she's come to her senses and is thankful their paths will never cross again. Even if they do, he had never truly seen her face.

But they are both in for the shock of their lives. For back in London, determined to lead a blameless life, Pamela finds Alexei occupying her home -- a townhouse she's only recently inherited -- and he refuses to leave. A feigned courtship seems an excellent idea, and soon the mystery and temptation begin all over again.

REASON FOR READING: I like Alexander's stuff and this was on my list.

THOUGHTS: Alexander is slipping. There were moments of her normal brilliance in the books (re: anything have to do with Venice and Masques) but, on the whole, this book as subpar. The writing was flat. The characters, plot, and intrigue was also blah. Alexander must have been on autopilot for this once - which is a damn shame because it could have been really good.

I think, mainly, that I was more intrigued by the backstory (the one night stand in Venice after a Masque) than I was about anything else. Everything else was filler. I wanted to know about that night - screw the rest!

MISCELLANEOUS: On a wholly personal note, I love Venice. It's gorgeous. Smelly, but gorgeous.

KEEP/SHARE/CRINGE(?): Thank god I got this one from the library
RATING: 5/10 [I didn't particularly like it or dislike it; mixed review]

CR: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
RN: Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult