Bad for Books

When I worked at the used bookstore during High School, I learned that there were a number of things that were bad for books and/or business.

1. Darkness (When one works in a converted parking garage, light becomes a very necessary thing.)
2. Fire
3. Water (One hole in the ceiling and I was scrambling for plastic sheeting and buckets.)

Now that I work in a library these things, while still bad, are not really at the forefront of my mind - we've got Emir, the building manager guy, to deal with them. I, however, must add one more entry to the list.

4. Rodents.

I have a baited, ready-to-spring mousetrap near my feet because a little family of furry ones has decided to make the basement where I work their home, and the chewed pages of books their nest. While I personally think mice are cute, the thought of finding one snared in a mousetrap when I come to work in the morning is enough to make me shiver.