On the Job #2

This is why no one likes working the guard desk at the library. You're trapped and can't go anywhere. This guy had it easy. At least this girl sounds normal and non-Igor like. Jennifer had it the worst: "Hi, I'm Jim" *dead fish handshake* "I have an off campus apartment."

And it's actually not so much the people who stare at you from over the top of your book, so much as the people who come up to you, when you can't leave, and tell you there life's story. I don't care if you're on your third engagement... but really only your second because you're engaged again to the first guy. I don't care that you can't find your book because the alphabet is beyond your comprehension skills. And I certainly don't care that you have a problem with the libraries ban on cell phones. So take your phone, and your illegal, uncovered coffee cup from the pseudo-Starbucks outside. I want to read my homework in peace, not have you leaning against the countertop as you not so subtly leer at my chest. Thanks for getting your dirty fingerprints all over the marble, I have to clean that (again!) now.

I get it. I'm at your whim and will because I can't leave the desk. It's my job to check your bag, tell you to return your stolen books, toilet paper, laptop pieces, and large marble busts to the front desk. So leave me alone you creepy creepy person.


Zeek said…
HA! I feel for ya having worked retail in my past!

I'll try to remember to not conversate with the Librarians next time I'm in.

Which should be easy since the last time I was in one of them made fun of the cover on my Linda Howard book. I just smiled even though I didn't like too much her "It takes all kinds, I guess" remark under her breath.

Both sides of the counter can have their crazies I guess!
Gates Books said…
It's not so much the brief conversations and questions, rather the long dronings of things that really have no purpose beings discussed between strangers.

And, yeah, their are definately crazies on both sides.
Zeek said…
I hear you! Sometimes you just wanna say " I. DON'T. CARE. " LOL!