On the Job #1


The former used bookstore employee in me and the current book collector in me are screaming right now. At work, today, I was revising recently rebound monographs to be sent back to the stacks. As I was about to add a barcode to one, I came across a page that stated the book was a part of a limited printing. Feeling queasy, I went over to addall.com and priced the book out. Had we not rebound it, the book would have been worth around $500, even in its damaged state.

Despite my general unease, I had to press on. With each stamp, due date form, and barcode I added, the value of the book decreased. Catholic University went from owning a rare book about books, to owning something that now is equivalent in value to a doorstop.

It may be an over reaction, but I feel a little ill.


Kathrin said…
Ouch! Are you kidding me? This really, really hurts a lot! I can feel your pain (especially because I have a few older books myself). Don't they check this before rebinding the books?
Meghan said…
Nope. We tend to not check those things. As an academic library, I think we tend to ignore the value of books. Then again, we do have a rare books room, so I have no idea.