Recreational Reading has several regular and occasional features that make an appearance on the blog. The following is a list and description of these features.

Weekly Features

YouTube Tuesday
Posted Tuesday - A useful or entertaining video (usually) related to books, libraries, or information.

Links and Stuff
Posted Thursday - A list of links to the book/library related stuff that caught my interest during the week.

What I Read This Week 
Posted Sunday - Highlights the best of what I read over the previous week. The list includes commentary on magazines, articles, and other good reads of the week.

Occasional Features

Seen on the Metro
I commute to work on the Washington, DC's metro. I am always entertained by what people read.

Useful Things
A review of a useful website, tool, or other product. (This feature was previously updated weekly.)

Variations on a Theme 
Usually posted once a month, this feature gathers together books on a similar topic or written in a similar style.

Why I Love...
A bi-monthly post that discusses (or gushes) about a bookish thing I love.

Previous Features
As this blog has grown and changed, certain features have been retired. These posts are still tagged and available in the archives.

BOOLEAN (Bookish Ones Only Like Exceedingly Awesome Nylons)
This group encouraged people to don "exceedingly awesome" leg-wear whether they be tights, leggings, stockings, pantyhose, nylons, socks, or other leg covering fashion (toe nail polish, too!). The group was founded on February 10, 2011 after I wore a pair of fun tights to work. I posted a picture on Facebook and received lots of comments on the zaniness of my stockings. Friend, fellow librarian, and group co-founder Katie B. commented, "Mine are blue! Great minds think alike!" We decided to form a group and "give ourselves an absurd acronym." As we are both librarians, that acronym was library related.

BOOLEAN was born.

The tights that started it all.
BOOLEAN - Friday Fashion Find
A weekly post that showcased an exceptionally awesome BOOLEAN find.

On the Job
A series of job advice posts about making work "work." These posts included tips, hints, and personal experience advice aimed toward library employees and new(er) supervisors.