Saturday, April 23, 2016

#Readathon Check-In The Eighth

CURRENTLY READING: I'm slowly working my way through Spark Joy.

THOUGHTS?: I'm pretty good at cleaning all the things, but this book makes me want to clean all the things even more. I love the concept of only bringing items into your home and life that spark joy. It's so simple and such a lovely idea.

SNACKS AND STUFF: Dinner was had! The Husband picked up our favorite pizza. One half is meats and one half is a veggie/Mediterranean flavor. So good! If you've never had fried eggplant on a pizza, I suggest you try it. I paired my pizza slices with the last bottle of hard cider in the house. A delicious combo.

We've also turned off the Pandora and switched to the TV. I had some hockey games on, but The Husband found Deep Impact on SyFy. I'm trying not to get distracted, but it's one of my favorite disaster flicks.



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