Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How it should be

Three smart politicians + a class of kids + the school library = How it should be

It warms my reading heart to see that President-elect Obama has selected an ardent supporter of school libraries to be his nominee for Secretary of Education. Today, the trend is to eliminate libraries and media centers in schools. I declare this a travesty. Thank goodness Arne Duncan recognizes the important role libraries play.

Libraries should not be closed down or forced to operate on shoestring budgets, they should be the heart of the school. Libraries supplement and increase the learning done in the classroom. Libraries also allow kids to explore the expansive world of information on their own. If we all declare that reading is fundamental, why do we insist that libraries (along with music and art programs) are the first things to be cut when budgets get tight? You can't get a kid to read if he has no access to books.

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